June 25, 2018 

Space Tourism Society

Space Experience Economy (SEE)
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Presented by: John Spencer, Space Architect,
Author and Founder/President of the Space Tourism Society
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June 14 , 2014
November 29, 2014

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Mission to Mars is dedicated to the exploration and colonization of the red planet.  Mars has fascinated Mankind since we first turned our attention towards the night sky.  During the middle half of the last century it was believed that intelligent life flourished, building complicated waterways to irrigate summer crops from the melting ice caps.  It was not until the latter half of that century that we discovered, through our first mission to Mars, just how wrong we were.  But with our longest, on planet mission to Mars, Spirit and Opportunity, our two little rovers have given us evidence of a Mars greater than all our past expectations.  A Mars that was once very much like Earth.  A warm planet with vast oceans and a rich atmosphere.  A planet capable of supporting life.  And if life was seeded from the heavens, as we now know that basic amino acids necessary for life are common among the chunks of rocks that fall to Earth, then too it is likely that life may have formed and prospered on Mars.
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